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In the very beggining - creating of "The Toad"

In the very beggining - creating of
13 Mar 2013
Design Elements
It's been a very long journey for "The Toad". This is the story of the birth of "The Toad" and how he landed up living in Toadsquare, the home of the creative industries.

"The Toad" with no name.

The Toad, Toadsquare, Saul Rudnick, Home of the creative industries
A long, long time ago in a far away land called "Down Under", after a painstaking procedure, "The Toad" with no name was born unto a lady with an imagination of the greatest proportions. The lady believed that one day there would be a place where are the creative people in the world could live in harmony for the greater good of all creative mankind.

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