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Showcase Photo

Showcase Photo
New-found Respect for Models!

Thursday:  We're about to ask friends and family to join Toadsquare. Oh my, I'm out of time.  I have to put up my Showcase.  I need a photo; I must have one photo of me, by myself, without kids taken in the last five years.  A photo, any photo … no my passport photo isn’t going to work.

Friday:  I need a haircut!  I haven’t had a cut in three months and the blond has turned brown and shaggy.  I don’t want to look like a 70s shag-pile carpet.

Saturday:  How long can it take to fix my hair?  Get me out of this chair.  I have deadlines to meet.

Monday:  Photo day. 
Wash newly cut white-blond hair and look in makeup drawer.  Not much there.  I used to have a lip-liner, I used to have eye shadow, I must have put on eye-liner since the 4-year old arrived...

Grab husband and tell him to take a photo.

He does it for a living, people pay him for this, he must be able to make me look good.

What?  It has to be taken outside because of the light…. It’s minus 2 degrees.  What do you mean smile?  I can’t feel my ears.

Inside again, after resuscitating hot coffee, choose photo.  Login to Toadsquare and now… I’ve never published anything in my life. 


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