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The MG3 Adds a Touch of Mini Magic to Birmingham

The MG3 Adds a Touch of Mini Magic to Birmingham
MG3 launch location shoot

I always love jobs that are just around the corner and now
MG has invested millions in the UK studio so these gigs are becoming more

After a bit of a lull the design centre has now received £5million
pounds, making it the fifth largest in Britain and showing that MG are once
again ready to embrace British design.

Longbridge Location

It’s a pretty impressive space, as they’ve now got a
Visualisation Suite that can project life sized models of cars in 3D but I
wasn’t asked to go play with the toys. Instead they wanted someone to shoot
their nippy new car on the streets of Birmingham and I was more than happy to

The MG3 is aimed at a younger, funkier market and unlike any
MG have launched before. Usually renowned for creating a presence, this little
car slides in and out of traffic as if it weighs nothing at all. Yet that’s not
what caught my eye on the day as the full shooting experience had a surreal
atmosphere that I’ve only now been able to put my finger on!

Big Thanks to Film Birmingham and

With the help of Film Birmingham and Brindleyplace we
managed to secure some incredible spots to shoot, all of which added to the

mg mg3 location photography harniman photographer

Now I’m not sure if it was the addition of the stripes, as
the MG3 has a range of customisable features so you can make it your own, but
suddenly I had an urge to jump in one and ride it down the steps of Brindleyplace
humming bum bum bum bum bum bum de bum!

mg mg3 location photography harniman photographer

You’ve guessed it, on this day, the Italian job came to our
city, except in the place of the mini was the new MG3!

I’m not too sure Michael Caine would have got away in the
one with the target decal on the roof, but these nippy little things would have
certainly put up a good chase.

It took 30 design staff and 300 engineers to come up with
the design that’s supposed to capture Britain and personally I think they’ve
exceeded expectations.

mg mg3 location photography harniman photographer

An Insider Job

What’s more British than a customisable car that could be
driven by Michael Caine? Even the interior can be adapted to taste, from the
seats to the steering wheel and everything in between. MG are keen to point out
that it’s also a lot of fun to drive (I bet it’s an even better ride with the
Italian police chasing behind!)

Well done MG3 and if a truck load of gold bullion goes
missing from the Birmingham bank safe, remember, it wasn’t me!

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