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Milan Stuchlik


First blog post

First blog post
28 Jun 2013
reacting to bad news
How do we react to bad news? When we hear something we don't want to hear?

I just got an email about the death of a student at my university. I didn't know her personally but I have friends that did. She died more or less overnight, of a virus. Taken so quickly, she was studying abroad just like I was a year ago. The speed and her young age make us stop and consider life and death. Life is so random, so fleeting, a death like this makes all the banality of life seem pointless and a waste of what little time we are given on this earth. 

Her facebook profile shows that she was still posting pictures a week ago, complaning about exams and living. Now her wall is filling up with condolences. Her profile that she coloured with her life in an instant becomes a memorial. 
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