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Subject Toadsquare's Launch

  • Published on Toadsquare

    09 May 2013

Montparnasse comes to Prague

PRAGUE – XX April 2013 –This 17th-18th May the famous art scene of Paris is coming to Prague. Montparnasse, the Parisian area that became home to world-class artists such as Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Ernest Hemingwayand F Scott Fitzgerald, will be recreated at Kampa Museum of modern art, in the heart of Prague. During the two day event from 11am to 10pm, the courtyard of the museum will be filled with artists, artwork and performers to inspire and entertain. From painters and the music of Edith Piaf to the latest exciting dance music coming out of Prague – there will be something to feed everyone’s artistic side, as well as a market to provide traditional French food and drink to feed their stomachs! There is no entry fee for the event, which is being held to celebrate the launch of a new global online tool for artists, called Toadsquare.

The Montparnasse quarter of Paris became famous during the 20th century as a place for artists from across the whole world to debate, create, learn and live life to the full. Toadsquare embodies this same philosophy for artists living the digital age – providing an online home for people working in the creative industries to share, collaborate, create and promote their work.

Marc Chagall, one of the greatest painters of the time, once said that in the 20th Century “The sun of Art then shone only on Paris“ but today it is different and in May the sun of Art will shine on Prague.