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    23 April 2015

Google Glass – A Compact yet cool tech gadget

Smartphones have occupied our lives to an extent that if some fine day you walk out without your device, your day is incomplete. A recent IDC study of smart-phone owners recovered that 79 percent keep their device with them for all but two of their waking hours. And Google has claimed that Android users check their phones an average of 125 times per day. But with technology updating day by day, you can actually wear it in the form of wearable devices. Exactly…Wearable devices have gained a lot of impulse and symbolize the next phase in mobile computing. And when we talk about wearable devices, the first think that occurs in our mind is Google Glass and in fact it is the first device to enter the wearable market, others are smart-watches by Samsung, LG, iWatch by Apple (latest) and smart wrist bands.

So what is Google Glass? Mmmm…it can be said to be a wireless head mounted computer that is voice controlled and displays results in peripheral vision. It actually does not consists of lenses, instead it is a thin titanium frame with changeable nose pads. All the brain of Google glass is located at the right side. Left side is like an ordinary frame. Front portion consists of a touchpad and a 5-megapixel camera. You can easily wear this futuristic frame with no glass and can become a center of attraction. Since its launch in 2012, it has been a hot topic of discussion and attraction among most of the techies, who wont even mind spending $1500 to have it.

$1500…?? But why should one spend such huge amount just for taking calls, viewing notifications or reading mails. Are their more benefits of Google Glass? If this is your question then my answer is definitely a YES. Google Glass can perform like a second screen to your smart phone. Just connect it with your phone and operate it without using your hands. There are assorted ways to direct the Glass. It has a touchpad on the back side , that you can tap for navigation. You can even give voice commands to Glass by using the phrase “Okay, Glass”. Like “Okay, Glass” start a call or “Okay, Glass” guide by way. The best part is that you do not need to involve your hands in operating it. For instance you are in the middle of composing an important mail and require to make a call then just order the Glass and it will be done.