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Subject portraits

  • Published on Toadsquare

    02 June 2013

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What is a Photographic Portrait

One of the reasons I have not taken my family to a portrait studio is because most of the time all the photographer is doing is taking a picture of the family. There is not real diversity when it comes to lighting, location mood a feeling.

Dan Allen on the other hand is someone I consider a great portraitist.

Having recently come across his Showcase on Toadsquare I new I was in for a treat when even the profile image stood out from amongst the crowd. The picture drew me in wanting to explore more.

Having quickly glanced through the image list on the right, I immediately clicked on the "View Gallery" button.

"Dan likes to paint photographs. Well lit, and by that I mean creating unique areas of light and dark, he defines a specific area of focus. Inmost cases this seems to be the eyes which are captivating".

Having enjoyed looking at these portraits the only thing missing foe me would to have a bit more of an description to go with the individual images.

I have Craved Dan's Showcase As I am looking forward to being notified when he uploads some new and exciting portraits.