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Art photography│Fine arts│Graphic design

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Czech Republic

Fine arts - realism, fantasy, book Illustration│Analog art Photography-glamour, nude, portrait, macro, product Shot, Exterier/Interier│Graphic design - web design, corporate identity, printed graphics

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  • From Czech Republic


My name is Juno and promotional studying art on the secondary art school of Vaclav Hollar in the Czech Republic, where I live.
My hobbies are: slot car recing, modern balett, playing the piano and guitar, reading, writing my blog, painting and drawing, photography, creation of promotional graphics, board games, travel, languages, cooking / baking and gardening.
My interests are: psychology, philosophy, ethnology, hystory, literature, theater / opera / balett, esoteric, music and films.
My most favorite season is spring, because the weather is nice and everything blooms.
I love bergamot and lavender tea.
I do not like sharp spikes in pens and cucumbers. 
Alcohol I drink occasionally and do not smoke. 
Sometimes I work infantile and I like colorful knitted sweaters.
I am an extrovert asocial - a terrible combination! I also impulsive, explosive and talkative. 
Prefer fruit from chocolate, eating violet ice cream and drink the cup two years as a child.