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Evelien Delgouffe

Journalism, writing, storytelling

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Currently I WORK as a full time journalist for 'Het Laatste Nieuws', which is the biggest newspaper in Belgium. Belgium is a small country but we reach over one million readers per day. I started working there as a showbizz journalist in 2010. Since then I have broadened my horizons and now I write all kinds of stories involving lifestyle, psychology, fashion, ... and popular culture in general. Every now and then I go after big stories and work on larger reportages. For instance: in 2014 I was a journalist in the Tour de France. I followed the Tour circus up close for a month, from Leeds to Paris. Each day I started with a blank page. It was exciting and thrilling to meet so many interesting people, to write about something that was so far out of my comfort zone. But I loved it. Since then I actually enjoy cycling and occasionally attend races just out of personal interest. Also: every year I host the red carpet during the annual cycling gala my outlet organises. It's called 'De Kristallen Fiets' (translated: the crystal bike). We hand out awards to the best, most hard working cyclists of the previous year. We do the same for soccer of course, since our national team is currently number 1 in the world ranking. This award show is called 'De Gouden Schoen' (the golden shoe) and gets aired on the biggest commercial tv-station in Belgium. It's very famous and talked about. After the Tour in 2014 I embarked on a completely different adventure past summer as I went to live with a survival guy in the Slovenian bush for a summer series. It was my first summer series and it was published over three days. Later I discovered it was one of our best read summer series in the past 5 years. With an average readership of 50 %. Besides writing reportages and daily articles I also do larger weekend interviews with important people and celebrities. And occasionally I write columns for my outlet too. 

As for me PERSONALLY. I live in a cosy apartment in the picturesque neighborhood of Kloosterstraat, Antwerp. Famous for its arts and antique. This setting is truly inspiring and also a hot spot for my daily activities since Antwerp is nicknamed 'Hollywood by The Scheldt'. Lots of premieres, galas, award show, tv and movie recordings, ... take place in and around this city. 
When I'm not busy writing, I enjoy meeting up with friends, go for a coffee or some second hand shopping. I get inspired by browsing through vintage clothes, purses, shoes, ... All these objects tell a story. I have the same with chinese supermarkets. I could walk those aisles for hours getting inspired by colors, the language, typography and different fragrances. When I feel the need to relax I attend yoga and pilates classes, I also enjoy a gruelling cycling class every once and a while and love to kick back with well put together tv-series, movies and graphic novels. I am a sci fi enthusiast and love to attend comic cons in my spare time. It is a fun way to meet people and dress up as whomever I feel like. Every year I let my true geek out at least once.  
Besides that I very much love to travel. I've had to chance to visit tons of great places thanks to my job and I hope I can continue discovering the world through my future work path. 

Any questions? I won't bite. Shoot! 

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