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Developing appropriate web and print solutions to meet demands set by business planning

  • Saul Rudnick Creative Consultant

For the past two years, from the time we sat at a table with a blank piece of paper, a pen and idea. Toadsquare was born that day. Actually the concept had been brewing for quite some time, but I like to think of that moment as the conception.

I am Saul Rudnick, the Graphic Designer and just one of a team of wonderful people whom have worked relentlessly to bring to life Toadsquare. When people ask me if I am a Web Designer, I generally have to say no. The web is just another Media, another tool a business plan requires to achieve its goals.

I have been designing for as long as i can remember. In primary school for five years in a row, I won the annual art prize. After school I landed up in hospital have spinal surgery which gave me a lot of time to think about my future as I spent most of that year recovering. Unfortunately conscription was still around and the army thought that being alive was still a good enough reason not to let me off the hook. Of course I wangled my way to become a photographer for the defence force. Not the greatest facilities to work with but way better than running around with a backpack.

After leaving the defence force I was Lucky to be given full time employment At Promotion Video Productions where I had started working on weekends during my leave. I gained invaluable experience in the following areas:

  • Broadcast Editing
  • Studio and Location Video cameraman
  • Lighting
  • Sound Recording
  • Storyboarding and Production

During that period I made a decision to go to the Art School at the Tshwane University of Technology for a three year stint. Although majoring in Photography, it was here that I stared to develop my love of design.

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  • Jane Hrouda

    Saul is fantastic to work with. As well as being a great designer, he has an excellent understanding of business and the creative industries. Toadsquare would not be here without him.
    May 2013
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