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Jane Hrouda

Launching Toadsquare as a Creative Hub

I want to write a group of articles.

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Toadsquare Founder

I am Toadsquare's founder.  Toadsquare came about from my love of the creative process.  I love the results of creativity and BC (Before Children) when I had free time I spent most of my downtime consuming some form of media or another.  Yet separate to this I love creating.  In my case my creativity is mostly expressed through designing businesses, but I live in hope that I will one day write a book. 

Toadsquare is a site designed to help creatives get their work out into the world and also to provide a platform from which they can engage with other creatives and thier fans.  To this end it provides a series of online tools.  (Check out Membership Options to see more about them.)

Call to Action: Join Toadsquare

I need people to join Toadsquare to succeed in making it a creative hub.  So, I would like to again ask people to populate the site and form a creative community.  At the moment annual membership is free (it’s usually €99).  Go to Membership Options and join with an annual membership, enter the code TOAD1year when you get to the payment page and come join us.

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