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Nigel Harniman

Photography and Image production

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A United Kingdom

Photography & Image production - location & studio, automotive, people, landscape, cgi, stills & moving

  • Harniman Shooting 'Demented' the Kawasaki Mean Streak
  • Video Tutorial on shooting Automotive Rig shots
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  • From A United Kingdom

I’m a bloke who’s living my dream as I work as an automotive photographer every day.

I’ve loved cars since I can remember but when on my 16th birthday my parents produced a camera, instead of the motorbike I had my eye on, I found a new love of my life.

From then on I could never decide what I liked best, the camera or the car, so like any entrepreneur I made the choice to embrace them both and seek out a career that does the same.

Now as a location photographer, I travel around the world shooting cars in locations from Barbuda to Billericay, Rio to Reading and back ! I seem to have a knack for capturing the cars best bits in motion that’s popular with automotive advertisers for brands from Bentley to Cadillac.

Always on the lookout for the next big challenge, in my personal life I embrace my passion for speed. From quad biking to motorcycle racing, I’ve always pushed life to the limits from ending upside down on my Honda 750VFR many moons ago to recently cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End for a Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. In between I’ve enjoyed the odd raft race, cycled some more, given Ozzie a run for his money on the Quad bike front and wrapped my GTR around the end of the pit lane at Donnington Circuit.

My need for speed translates well into the pictures I take as I use the latest technological advancements to capture pictures unlike any other. From the car camera rig that costs thousands to the pulley systems I put together with mates, I’ll always go the extra mile to get the shot I want.

Always happy to make new connections, get in touch or visit my work at

Specialties: Photography, Automotive Photography, Landscape Photography, CGI, Creative Digital Production, Live Action, Post-production for Print & Interactive & Broadcast, Animation, Advertising, Motion Graphics

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