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The Toadsquare Community

Building connections

You need a niche artist?

You want to broadcast your own specialist skill?

You are trying to find a Spanish guitar band to feature in a film?

You urgently need a sound technician after someone has dropped out?

Here, in one place, you may find:

  • A lawyer who specialises in intellectual property, strongly recommended by fellow creative professionals.
  • A ghostwriter to pen the text of your glossy coffee-table book.
  • A jazz musician to play at your product launch.
  • An experienced camera operator for the wildlife documentary you want to make in Borneo.
  • A fashion photographer to shoot your first catalogue.
  • A teacher of stage makeup techniques.
  • A proofreader for your written or online material.
  • An animator for your music video.

And so we could go on… Toadsquare proudly links the Haiku poet, the showreel technician, the cor anglaisplayer, the experimental printmaker, the long-distance detail photographer, the mime artist, the film accountant, script editor, theatre-set designer, heavy metal lyricist, marketing brain, the speed-specialist videographer, the black-and-white stills photographer…the amateur with the professional.

Are you a documentary filmmaker with five films in your garage that never rocketed to success in the way you hoped? But you own the rights, right? They might be of interest to the global Toadsquare network…

It allows the one-man band and the dedicated individual artist and their work to be seen alongside multi-national creative groups. Here’s to collaboration, consumption, competition!

Where the Internet gives us the weird and wonderful at the touch of a search request, Toadsquare refines that broad-spectrum search to the creative world.

Top Tips to make sure you're found on Toadsquare and online:

  • Work on your short introductions. They help make your content as accessible as possible to others.

  • Remember to consider your Tag Words to maximise search accuracy.