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Your Showcase

Mix and match sections as you desire

Toadsquare allows you to create a vibrant online presence within minutes. Your Toadsquare Showcase is your own mini website, the centre of your online universe, and a clear and colourful display window that lets you define, present and project your creativity and work as you would like it to be seen.

Your Showcase is that website you have been intending to create for years, but have been too busy to get around to. You’ve been unwilling to face the time, cost and hassle involved. Now, with Toadsquare, it is ultra-easy. We believe in letting creative professionals concentrate on the business of creation; we provide simple tools and a receptive audience to help you promote your business online.

Go to Your Toadsquare and add your Showcase Hompepage to set out your stall. Your Showcase Homepage is the hub of your Showcase, your introduction of yourself as a Toadsquare member. Go onto to add other Showcase sections as you require.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ creative career. The rhythm of a creative professional life changes according to the nature of the project and your Toadsquare Showcase flexes to your professional rhythm.

Mix and match sections on your Toadsquare Showcase as and when you need. It keeps life simple and cost-effective.

You find a script (fiction or documentary) from Writing & Publishing that captivates you. You set about turning it into a film. You rouse market enthusiasm for it via Upcoming Media, then advertise and sell tickets for your launch. After you get global rights back from your territory sales, you can sell your DVDs by showcasing it on Film & Video.

Or, you have written a children’s book. You find an illustrator from Toadsquare’s Photography & Art. You flag your launch and book signing tour with an Event with a Launch. You attach links to all your external Reviews and News to your work and garner further sales from your Writing & Publishing Showcase.

Your Showcase remains a movable feast. Edit and update it in parallel with developments in your work.Change it to mirror your current creative aims: find a new job, recruit a key talent, launch your work to a global audience, meet inspiring collaborators, broadcast your expertise or tap into the zeitgeist and discover the weird and wonderful world of specialist creative skills.

Your Showcase is your personalised website within the wide-reaching Toadsquare network.

Whether you have computer skills or not, our wizards guide you through putting up your website. You can always press pause to take a break and if you have questions use our Help Forum.