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A lifelong activity

Are you a teacher by profession? Or do you want to make some extra cash by imparting your skills? Have you considered putting together a package – a video, an audio file, written material – or event to teach others a creative skill or specialist technique or expertise you have developed?

Creative individuals nearly always claim an inspirational teacher in their life. The teacher-class or teacher-pupil dynamic has fuelled a host of great films from Dead Poets’ Societyto Freedom Writers, Good Will Huntingto Music of the Heart, Stand and Deliverto Karate Kid.Learning a new skill or imparting a new understanding can be an intellectual or emotional experience, or a plain useful exchange of technical know-how.

Would you like to find out how to use that activity image-capturing camera you bought?

Can you coach dramatic presentation of a soliloquy?

Do you want to find more experimental printmaking techniques?

Can you offer beginner guitar lessons online?

Find a camera guy to shoot your acting classes?

What are people asking about in the forum, can you provide the answer?

You can put up your lessons in two sections: Education for Creatives and Education Events. If you are selling a lesson as a product – e.g. video, written or audio – then you simply put it up in Media. If you are required to be present, either online (for a webinar) or in a physical location (to give a lecture, series of lessons, workshop or retreat), advertise it as an Event – live or online - you can sell tickets.

Top tips: