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Work Classifieds

A pipeline of possibilities

Work. It makes the world go round. And we all play a part. Toadsquare’s Work is the online meeting place for creative talents around the globe. It works as a job centre, a noticeboard, a directory of talent, a means of classified advertising with dynamic two-way traffic.

Work Offered. Work Wanted. Work Experience Offered. Work Experience Wanted.

Are you looking for a full-time job? A part-time role? A secondary income stream? Work experience?

Are you a freelance operator who jumps from project to project? Do you crave a more consistent schedule of work? A pipeline of possibilities?

Or are you in a position to hire? Do you have work to offer other creative professionals? Are you on a quest for talented people with niche skills sets?

We post the latest opportunities for you to peruse and act on. One thing to remember: you are not sending applications or job descriptions out into the ether, hoping for the best. You are directing your employment appeals to kindred spirits under Toadsquare’s global roof. You are halfway there…

A creative mind is not necessarily an orderly mind. Most creative professionals are freelance or self-employed, and rely on interaction with other freelance or self-employed talents. A No. 1 priority is to organise the dynamic of Work In and Work Out. The Holy Grail for most creative professionals is a regular stream of exciting, stimulating work. Toadsquare helps you manage – and monitor - the business of work applications. From Your Toadsquare you can view: