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Meeting Point (comming soon)

Look someone in the eye

Meet up with other Toadsquare members at an event … or not.

Membership gives you a colourful visual presence online, and then the Meeting Point section of our Toadsquare App allows your connect in the flesh at an event – you are, in fact, standing next to the potted plant in the foyer.

Big events are less daunting if you can meet kindred spirits or fellow creative professionals.

How to meet up:

  • Sign in to Meeting Point after you grab your tickets to an event. Either through Your Toadsquare or using the Toadsquare App. You can sign out at any time.

  • See which other members want to meet.

  • When you reach the event, check in to Meeting Point using our app and set your status so your can be found, e.g. I am here and standing by the orange flowerpot.