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A funny thing happened on the way...

The Toadsquare Forum is a fun place to explore, but be warned. It is addictive. When you are a member of a global network of creatives, the Forum is a place that sucks you in to the debate, the exchange of ideas and critical feedback, the exhilaration of shared passions and exciting discoveries.

The word ‘forum’ originates from the Latin word for marketplace and it referred to the ‘place of assembly’ in ancient Rome. For centuries, the forum was the focal point of public life: the site of triumphal celebrations and heated public discussions, criminal trials, gladiatorial competition and general gossip. So what’s new? It’s easy to see the modern equivalent of the Roman forum is the office coffee machine, the copier or water cooler – that ever-reliable gauge of mood and spirit.

And the virtual equivalent is, of course, the online forum.

Toadsquare is multilingual, which makes our Forum uniquely entertaining and edifying.

Why not start a discussion?

Or reply to a comment that hits a nerve in you? Say you want to offload your obsession with a particular camera model. Or you want to canvas views on the trend for Blockbuster Art exhibitions. Or you want to reply to a fellow crime literature buff’s query about Scandinavian murder stories.