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Terms & Conditions

It’s your Business

The short version of Toadsquare’s Terms & Conditions:

  • You retain all rights to the content you put on, display or upload to Toadsquare.
  • You are responsible for your use of Toadsquare, any content you put on Toadsquare and for any consequences thereof. You need to have the rights (copyright, permissions etc.) to any content you put on Toadsquare.
  • All content you put on Toadsquare, except for that on your Work Profile & Portfolio and in any Collaborations, is public. You should only put up content that you are comfortable sharing with everyone.
  • You need to respect other members of Toadsquare, even when providing critical feedback.

Toadsquare provides the tools to help you run and promote your business, but it remains your business. You present yourself as you wish to be seen. You define the parameters of your engagement with the Toadsquare community. You can be as dynamic or static as best suits your creative pursuits.

Toadsquare provides the framework and network for people around the world to discover your business, interact with you, give feedback on your work and follow your developments. You can use the Toadsquare facilities to help your business grow in a receptive environment.

BUT your business remains your business:

  • Refunds are up to you.
  • Inventory management is up to you.
  • Complaints from other members through Report a Problem are up to you to sort out.

The nitty gritty of your responsibilities on the site is outlined in our full Terms & Conditions in English, Français, Deutsch.