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Why be online?

Interact with the world and grow your audience

Creativity requires an audience and the first stage to growing your audience is to be found. And being online is one of the best ways to be found.

Setting up your Showcase immediately increases your online exposure; your global exposure. People can now find you through our search. Excitingly, search engines such as Google, can also start to find you. To help them find you our wizards remind you to do the small tasks that help move you up the search rankings: fill in those Tag Words and update all your Social Media Sites regularly.

Putting out your shingle on Toadsquare also gives you the pleasure of interaction. Whether it’s with like-minded creatives, employers, employees, fans or customers interaction can only boost your creativity.

Interactivity on Toadsquare comes in a variety of ways: from Reviews and Recommendations, Ratings and Craves to messages sent to your through Tmail. It’s good for your creative ego and your reputation to have few well-chosen Recommendations on your Homepage. It’s the ultimate compliment when a member craves your Showcase Homepage as it means they want to be notified about all your activities on Toadsquare.

The act of establishing your Toadsquare presence gets you in touch with the global creative world and that is good for motivation, for self-improvement and for morale!