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Message Centre: Tmail & Notifications

You're in the loop

If email has revolutionised the way we communicate globally, Tmail – Toadsquare’s internal messaging system – fine-tunes your ability to communicate within the Square. It puts you in control of communicating within your network without giving out or collecting email addresses. It is simple, casual, yet direct and business-like.

Use Tmail to expand your network:

  • Activate your ‘Contact Me’ button, and you send out the signal that you would like to meet others. Introduce yourself to those in the Square!

  • See who’s craved you or you work and get to know your fans: Tmail them and they can reply.

  • Feeling antisocial? Turn off Contact Me and if you aren’t craving someone or their work they can’t Tmail you.

You should check Tmail often as requests for your Work Profile & Portfolio will appear there, as will copies of work applications sent and received.

Check your notifications to see what your favourite Toadsquare members are doing:

  • If you crave someone’s work, you will receive notifications about similar work they put up.

  • Crave a someone’s Showcase Homepage and you will be notified about everything they do on Toadsquare - what they are doing and saying, and what material they are releasing.

Message Centre on Your Toadsquare let’s you know if you have new Tmail or Notifications.