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Product Classifieds

Jewel or junk?

When it comes to pooling creative resources, Toadsquare offers the facility to pass on equipment as well as human skills. What you might classify as junk, someone else might covet as a jewel - and buy it in an online sales transaction.

Or, you might find an product you had thought beyond your budget and discover it is being discarded dirt-cheap.

Do you have equipment you no longer need – a projector, a potter’s wheel, a pre-digital camera that could be refurbished, a dressmaker’s dummy, a recording device? These could be eagerly acquired by students, amateurs or up-and-coming talents. You might be sitting on a goldmine!

No other website only caters exclusively for the sale and owner-recycling of creative products.

Explore the site and discover the weird and wonderful treats for sale. Or post a Product Wanted classified with the price range you’re willing to pay. Are you seeking a carousel slide projector, some 1970s sheet music, calligraphy pens?