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What is ‘news’ in the world of creative professionals? News equals notification of plans, project launches, media coverage, ideas, debate, reviews and shared passions. News is the buzz and chatter - the oxygen required to keep creative enterprises alive and kicking.

Have you seen a? What do you think of b? What the hell is c thinking?! I can recommend d.You must get e!

Review equals news. Feedback – positive or negative – helps shape your creative identity. Whether your work inspires a tidal wave of positive shared opinion or causes a tug-of-war of opposing views, it is fascinating to gauge the critical response. You are big in Russia, but how does your music fare in Argentina?

Equally, it is eye-opening and rewarding to review or write the news about the material and events of your fellow creatives.

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There are multitudes of ways to use Reviews and News on Toadsquare:

On another level, digesting reviews is part of the creative process. At school we’re told we only learn by making mistakes and absorbing the teachers’ comments. As a creative professional, the more input from other people the better.

Putting your work ‘out there’ can be the scariest experience, but letting it gather dust in your bottom drawer won’t improve it… Let it be recognised for the work of genius it is…

Put your work up in your Showcase, then visualise yourself as an artist stepping back from an easel. With the help of accolades or review comments, you will see the good from the bad, the areas that need fine-tuning and the aspects you are proud to have got right.