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To blog or not to blog?

That is no longer a question. We have entered an era when creative professionals live or die, thrive or get by, according to their online presence.

Bloggers today enjoy a status equal to media commentators, slogan-makers and publishers. The best bloggers have a hotline to the zeitgeist. They set the agenda: they break news stories, fuel debates, start fashions, share insights, offer opinions, pose questions, challenge perceptions and entertain with wit and whimsy. They are quoted, hired, noted and available for further comment in print, web, television and radio. Their ideas snowball with those of other bloggers and become sharpened by ongoing blog debates.

The joys of blogging as a member of Toadsquare are many and various. We all understand that blogging is great way to present yourself. Your blog is a channel to foster ideas, link specialist interests, find kindred spirits. It is a free flow of ideas - big or small - around the world. A blog generates genuine and often immediate feedback.

A feature unique to Toadsquare is that, instead of leaving a comment, you can Respond to a post and start a debate.

Your Toadsquare Blog is part of your Showcase. Posts will attract viewers who will then be inspired to look through your work, take note of upcoming projects and events, assess reviews, galleries or showreels. They will see what you offer as a creative professional. From that kind of attention, commissions, assignments and sales can flow…

On a technical level, the blog back end is ultra-easy to use. Just fill in the wizard. In fact, it is much, much, MUCH easier than any other blogging software out there. Even a technophobe will soon be raving about the joys of blogging.

Your Toadsquare blog is a personal expression. The format allows you to speak directly from your head or heart to anyone, anywhere in the world, whenever you want. It is an empowering way to Showcase yourself, your skills and dreams, your experience and your passions.

Use your blog to establish yourself as a unique voice in your creative field. Respond to other posts and start a debate. You are your own editor, agenda-setter and image consultant. In the world of Toadsquare, this is how creative business projects - scripts, exhibitions, performances, documentaries, books and events - come together. We wish you happy and fruitful blogging!